Overseas Student Program

OSP (Overseas Student Program)

The Overseas Student Program (OSP) is an initiative by the Australian Government that allows individuals who are not Australian residents to apply for a student visa and pursue their studies in Australia. The program aims to promote Australia’s education system internationally, foster goodwill and understanding, contribute to bilateral relations, provide opportunities for students from developing countries, and bring cultural and economic benefits to Australia.

The Key Objectives of the Overseas Student Program(OSP) are:

  • Increase export revenue by promoting Australia’s education and training systems overseas
  • Promote goodwill and an international understanding of Australia, which are crucial assets for Australia’s future trade and security
  • Develop bilateral relations through contributions to the social and economic development of countries, particularly those in the Asia-Pacific region (this is achieved through the bilateral sponsored program administered by AusAID
  • Provide opportunities for students from developing countries for study in Australia by awarding Australian government and institution sponsorships and
  • Provide cultural and economic benefits to Australia through genuine overseas students studying in Australia.

Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF):

The Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) was introduced on 1 July 2016 as part of the OSP. The SSVF streamlines the student visa application process, making it easier for genuine students while maintaining immigration integrity. It reduces the number of student visa subclasses and establishes a single immigration risk framework, simplifying regulations and creating a level playing field for education providers.

Two key changes under the SSVF are:

a reduction in the number of student visa subclasses from eight to two (Subclass 500 visa for students and Subclass 590 visa for student guardians) and
the establishment of a single immigration risk framework for all student visa applications.

Country and Education Provider Immigration Risk Model:

Under the SSVF, a country and education provider immigration risk model was implemented. It considers the combined immigration risk of the student’s education provider and country of citizenship to determine the level of financial and English language documentation required for the visa application.

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